Entry Info:
  • Brian O'Kane
  • UK912031810024
  • 15/02/2020
  • female
Class 3c; Calf championship, 1st and 2nd prize winners of classes 2a and 2b:
  • Non-Haltered
  • Irish Moiled
  • Championship Class Not to be entered Qualification is needed

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Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex
# N & M Moilies Curraghnakeely Gypsy King (N & M Moilies) 09/02/2020 male
# Robert Boyle Beechmount Big Mac 27-10-19 male
Brian O'Kane Ravelglen Josie 15/02/2020 female
N & M Moilies Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0550 (N & M Moilies 08/03/2020 female
Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex