The RBST Young Shepherds Competition occurs annually. A series of young handler qualifiers at agricultural shows across the country determine the competitors for the final event held at the end of the show season. Although some events have been able to go ahead, the show calendar has been disrupted with many shows that would usually host a qualifier taking the difficult decision to cancel.

RBST recognise the importance of ensuring the next generation of shepherds get the opportunity to demonstrate their stockmanship and skills.

The RBST Young Shepherds Online Competition will provide an opportunity for those competitors to compete in a young handlers competition.


There will be three age classes: under 8, 8 to 12 and 13 to 16.

Each entry must include the name and location of the competitor and breed, sex and age of the sheep being shown.

Entries should consist of:

  1. A video of a maximum of 2 minutes 30 seconds duration of the young handler introducing themselves and their animal, whilst holding the animal still and providing as much information as possible regarding the animal. The competitor should then walk the animal away from and back to the camera and end with it standing correctly as though being presented for inspection.

Within the video the competitor should cover the answers to the following questions:

  • What breed of sheep are you showing, how old is it?
  • What preparation have you done to get the sheep ready to show?

2. A maximum of 3 still images of the young handler presenting the animal ready for judge’s inspection.


  • sheep


Start Time Category Title
Ended 12/09/2021 00:01 sheep Champion Young Handler
Ended 16/08/2021 00:05 sheep YS1. Sheep Young Handlers Under 8
Ended 16/08/2021 00:05 sheep YS2. Sheep Young Handlers age 8-12
Ended 16/08/2021 00:05 sheep YS3. Sheep Young Handlers age 13-16

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