Entry Info:
  • Aimee Bartlett
  • female
C3 Cow or heifer with pure bred calf at foot:
  • Bovine
  • Shetland Cattle
  • Cow or heifer with pure bred calf at foot. The calf shown may be a steer but this must be indicated in the entry notes. Four photographs of both cow / heifer and calf must be submitted. To be eligible for entry the animal must be registered with the SCHBS. The full pedigree name, dob, ear tag and HB no. of each animal must be supplied. Please submit 4 colour photographs of the animal - one from the front, one from the rear and one from each side. The side views should be taken of the animal facing forwards. The animal need not be haltered but should be standing on a level surface such that the judges can see the lower legs and feet. Photographs should be from no earlier than 01/01/2020.

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Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex
Kathleen Anderson Collafirth Laura & Minarvi Andy 14 yrs(cow) 5 months (calf) other/NA
# Gary Keith Ocraquoy Gwen female
# Lynette Nicolson DAM-SCHIEHALLION LILY, CALF-GRAVELAND ASTRID DAM Born 22/02/17, CALF Born 29/03/20 female
Aimee Bartlett Finneyhouse Holly female
Gary Keith Milligord Akaiya female
Gary Keith Milligord Babsie female
Sheena Anderson Collafirth Babbie with Collafirth Black Betty 7 yrs (cow) 5 months Calf female
# John Maxwell Blackmyre Bonnie with steer at foot 9 years old female
Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex