Entry Info:
  • Kathleen Anderson
  • UK-524324-200196
  • 07-03-2010
  • female
C4 Senior Cow:
  • Bovine
  • Shetland Cattle
  • Cow in calf or in milk, born before 29th August 2011. To be eligible for entry the animal must be registered with the SCHBS. The full pedigree name, dob, ear tag and HB no. of each animal must be supplied. Please submit 4 colour photographs of the animal - one from the front, one from the rear and one from each side. The side views should be taken of the animal facing forwards. The animal need not be haltered but should be standing on a level surface such that the judges can see the lower legs and feet. Photographs should be from no earlier than 01/01/2020.

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Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex
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Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex