API Support

Any query to the site api that requires authentication must request an authentication token and use that in each request header.

To request an authentication token you must supply an email address and password.

Method: POST

URL: https://cloud-lines-shows.com/api-token-auth/

data: "username": email_string, "password": password_string

Response: {'token': 'example_token_b2e4686cd1ea76e810f62d23db57'}

Example request (Python3)

import requests

token_res = requests.post(url='https://cloud-lines-shows.com/api-token-auth/', data={'username': 'joe.bloggs@example.com', 'password': 'SuperSecurePa55!'})


In order to create a user you must first request an authentication token. Also note, the authenticated user must be an organiser of the specified show.

Method: POST

URL: https://cloud-lines-shows.com/api/account_admin/create_account/

Headers: 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'Authorization': "token [token]" (no square brackets around the token)


Response: {"show": "Show [Show Name] show exists", "user": "username:[Users Full Name] created", "role": ["Judge", "Exhibitor"], "judge": ["added to judge in class [Class Name]"], "exhibitor": ["added to exhibit in class [Class Name]"]}

Example request (Python3)

import requests

headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'Authorization': f"token {token_res.json()['token']}"}

data = '{"show": "The Example Show", "role": ["judge", "exhibitor"], "judge_of": ["Best in Show - Cattle"], "exhibitor_of": ["Best in Show - Goats"], "user": {"first_name": "Joe", "last_name": "Bloggs", "email": "email@example.com"}}'

post_res = requests.post(url='http://localhost:8000/api/account_admin/create_account/', data=data, headers=headers)


More coming soon