Highfield Inhand and Ridden Area Qualifier 2020

Welcome to My show. With everything going on at the moment in the world and with my appreciation of VHS I have decided to run my own Area Qualifier for Inhand and Ridden!

We have a fabulous judge to judge the classes and I hope to see many of you entering to help us support the VHS with your fabulous veterans.

Running under VHS rules 2020 which can be found on their website.

Having entered a few shows myself using this Online Page I would love to hear your feedback on it and how you found it so we know for future reference.

Any problem please email me at philippaholly@outlook.com

Many Thanks and Enjoy :-)

Philippa Coates-Wilson

This show has now ended. However, feel free to have a look around!







22/06/2020 08:00

to 01/07/2020 16:30

Grand Parade


Exhibitor Class Name ID No. Age Sex Media
Exhibitor Class Name ID No. Age Sex Media

Show News

  • Rules and Regulations

    Philippa Wilson | 16/06/2020 14:26



    Filming may be done from 22nd June until 1st July.


    Good luck everyone and we hope this will reassure you that the VHS will be back very shortly stronger than ever, and our Championship Show will give you all the usual fun and enjoyment you have had in the past.


    We also hope to give all those who have, or will join before the lock down finishes, the offer a subsidy rolling over to your 2021 Membership. NHS and care workers, this will be completely rolled over for you but you will need to have joined or renewed before 1st July 2020. We are currently operating on a skeleton of volunteers, who are giving their own time to get the VHS and their members back on track. We feel certain that the Regionals will be live this year and are currently putting new venues in place.


    Please stay safe and follow the government guidelines.

    We are insisting that all entries are filmed outside with only one other person to help filming.

    If you do not follow the VHS 2020 Rule Book or the strict government guidelines your entry will not be judged and will be eliminated immediately.


    Highfield Online Inhand and Ridden Area Qualifier


    Welcome to the Highfield Inhand and Ridden Online Area Qualifier. We know that during these uncertain times we all want to keep busy and look to the future – this gives you the opportunity to pick up your area qualification for the VHS Supreme Finals series. We are doing our utmost to re-schedule all the cancelled Regional and Direct Qualifiers, but until we can release dates, this gives you all the opportunity of competing without leaving your yard. Please do understand this is as new for us as it is for you, so we may experience a few teething problems.

    The On-line Rules:

    All VHS rules apply, with additional rules below purely for the online qualifications.

    Your Show:

    You need to show that you have taken a recent video and followed the VHS showing rules, to do this please state the section you wish to compete in, your horse’s age and the date that the video is taken. This can be done by showing a piece of paper with this written on to the camera.

    In your show you need to show the judges a 360˚ view of your horse/pony, being thorough to show the legs and turnout as well. Please do a close up of the tack, including the bit, and show no earrings are being worn, so this can be acheived by zooming in, as you need to remember distancing. Your video footage must only be a maximum of 5 minutes, once you have shown the full view of your horse you will need to do a short ridden show. This is a set show and your judge will expect you to walk directly away in a straight line for five strides before moving into trot, ride a figure of eight in trot, then in canter with changes of leg through trot. Ensuring your have shown the judge all three movements on both reins come slowly back to walk and halt with a salute. Should the horse become excited or give reason for concern for your welfare, please dismount, do not put you or your filming partner in any danger.

    In-hand - The judge will expect you to show your veteran's condition and turnout with 360 degrees around your veteran and include the legs, tail and mane. Walk away from the camera and trot back towards the camera directly, slowly come to a halt. As ridden you need to ensure close zoom pictures of the tack and the handler. Maximum of 3 minutes.

    The video must be one continuous video, with no cuts/edits. Should the horse become excited or give reason for concern for your welfare, please dismount, do not put you or your filming partner in any danger. We all appreciate how strained the lockdown has been and do not want to remain in one or go back to one again.

    You must ensure you keep to social distancing but to zoom in on horses and competitor tack and turnout.

    Please now be aware marks will be deducted for inappropriate turnout. We appreciate that many of you have been unable to visit your veteran through lockdown, so please do state this to the judge in your video. We also would appreciate the history of your horse/pony whilst you are giving your show, commentated by the person taking the video.

    The Results:

    We will not be issuing rosettes, however there will be certificates of qualification awarded to those who qualify. For those who qualify and are current members, your certificate of qualification alongside with your Showing Card is proof of your eligibility to compete in regional classes. These need to be sent to HO with a sae for safe return, your qualification will then be verified. Those who are not yet members, you can send in a copy of your certificate alongside your membership application and a padded SAE to the VHS. Please do inform us when you post this as we will need to ensure safe receipt of your horse’s passport.

    Videos can be filmed from 22nd June and Entries close 1st July.

    No late entries will be accepted in any circumstances

    Results will be released once I have processed all the paperwork for them.

    Certificates issued after results are confirmed.

Show Attendees

Exhibitors: 6