Entry Info:
  • Brian O'Kane
  • UK912031809991
  • 09/01/2020
  • male
4D. Spring Born Bull Calf (Born after 1st Jan 2020):
  • Haltered Section
  • Irish Moiled
  • Competitors must upload 3 photos (front profile, side profile and back profile) and a short video of the animal on the move. All cattle must be entered into the relevant classes, along with the name of animal, date of birth and ear tag number. Strictly entries should be no later than Fri 24th July 2020 at 10pm

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Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex
Brian O'Kane Ravelglen Rubicon 8/05/2020 male
Brian O'Kane Raveglen Kane 09/01/2020 male
N & M Moilies Castlecoole Craig (N & M Moilies) 14/03/2020 male
Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex