Class Description

Pedigree registered Longhorn cow, in calf or with own calf at foot.
Members may enter a maximum of two animals in this class
At least one of the submitted photos must show the calf at foot
Preferred requirements for each entry are four photos - one from the left side, one from the right side, one from the front and one from the back and a short video clip. There will be no specific requirement for the animals to be halter led, washed or clipped - this will be at the discretion of the entrant.


Exhibitor Name ID No. Age Sex Entry Notes Media
Yvonne Ferguson

Yaverland Nancy UK288789/400020 7 female Cow in Calf with Bull Calf at Foot (Maudlin Upshot) February Born - Society Notified
John Stanley

Blackbrook Yelenah UK200538/500855 27/01/14 female
Thomas Mills

Wheatlands Queen UK172669/600075 02/01/2016 female Calved 22/03/2020

FISHWICK QUEEN OF THE RING 30252 5th May 2016 female

Baddiley Olga UK161456/400593 DOB 12/10/14 female
Rachael Heard

Trverton Kittiwake 10 female

FISHWICK PALOMA 29076 21st June 2015 female Switch off video sound as my heavy breathing is a distraction!!
Stephen Horrocks

Gale Farm Rona female 1/1/17 with male calf at foot, Gale Farm Usain (9/5/20)
Stephen Horrocks

Wellhead Kir Royale 10 female Wellhead Kir Royale (DOB 6/5/10) With female calf at foot - Gale Farm Uist (11/2/20)
Thomas Mills

Wheatlands Olga UK172669/100049 30/01/2014 female Calved 29/01/2020
David Phillips

Etheridge Quartz Beauty UK353809700008 4 years female Calf born 30/01/20 Back in calf to calve 07/02/21
David Walker

Newton XSara UK 122179 200626 06/02/2013 female