Class Description

Pedigree registered Longhorn heifer, born between 01.01.2019 & 31.05.2019
Members may enter a maximum of two animals born in 2019 in classes L5a and L5b, so if you enter two animals in L5a you cannot enter any animals in L5b, or vice versa.
Preferred requirements for each entry are four photos - one from the left side, one from the right side, one from the front and one from the back and a short video clip. There will be no specific requirement for the animals to be halter led, washed or clipped - this will be at the discretion of the entrant.


Exhibitor Name ID No. Age Sex Entry Notes Media
Jane Mycock

Litton Tangerine UK163188500355 31.03.2019 female
Bertie Facon

Gentons Tiptop UK289419700126 22/03/2019 female
Bertie Facon

Gentons Tamara UK289419100113 19/07/2020 female
Stephen Horrocks

Gale Farm Texa female DOB - 16/2/19

FISHWICK TOP OF THE POPS 33927 10th March 2019 female
John Stanley

Blackbrook Daniela UK200538/401085 06/03/2019 female
Bernard Llewellyn

Carreg Trefoil 34007/t00149 female
Ruth Russell

Settrington Yo-Yo UK123944 300398 1 female D.O.B. 28/1/19
Yvonne Ferguson

Maudlin Tik-Tac UK272542 100043 1 female Born January 2019
Yvonne Ferguson

Maudlin Taboo UK272542 200037 1 female Born January 2019
Rachael Heard

Treverton Tiger Lily 6/4/2019 female
Matt Horne

Berrydown Trouble UK292473 200027 D.O.B. 28/03/2019 ( 1 years 5 month) female Berrydown Trouble Dam; Yaverland Malteaser Sire; Fishwick Phoenix
Thomas Mills

Wheatlands Thora UK172669/500158 11/04/2019 female
Thomas Mills

Wheatlands Tamarind UK172669/100147 08/03/2019 female

Baddiley Tilly UK161456/400712 DOB 28/03/19 female