Class Description

Pedigree registered Longhorn heifer born between 01.06.2019 & 31.12.2019
Members may enter a maximum of two animals born in 2019 in classes L5a and L5b, so if you enter two animals in L5a you cannot enter any animals in L5b, or vice versa.
Preferred requirements for each entry are four photos - one from the left side, one from the right side, one from the front and one from the back and a short video clip. There will be no specific requirement for the animals to be halter led, washed or clipped - this will be at the discretion of the entrant.


Exhibitor Name ID No. Age Sex Entry Notes Media
Bernard Llewellyn

Carreg Totter 34797/t00149 female
Thomas Mills

Wheatlands Theola UK172669/500165 12/07/2019 female
Yvonne Ferguson

Maudlin Tally Bob UK272542 300052 11 Months female October Born
Rachael Heard

Treverton Topaz 16/12/19 female

FISHWICK TWILIGHT 34563 29th June 2019 female
Stephen Horrocks

Gale Farm Tonga female Gale Farm Tonga DOB - 6/6/19