Entry Info:
  • Clare Franklin
  • 3 years
  • male
G4 Pygmy Goats - Male:
  • Goats
  • Pygmy
  • Open to all pygmy breeds of goats. No age restriction. All stock must come from registered breeding. The preferred requirements for each entry would be a photo from the front and back, then the left hand and right hand sides and a short video clip.

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Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex
wendy kinsey ANA-66-HB Date of Birth 28-01-2019 male
Dawn Abbott Reddawn Freddie 05/01/2016 male
Clare Franklin Oscar 15 months male
Thomas Moore Marshview Saxon 5/01/2016 male
Clare Franklin Stan 3 years male
# Samantha Bean Millview Lomax 2 years 4 months male
# Clare Franklin Fergus 4 months male
# Tracey Cater Dreamers Percy male
# wendy kinsey ANA-62-HB Date of Birth 22-01-2018 male
# Samantha Bean Benters Blythe 1 year 2 months male
# Beryl Coleman Star 6 male
# Dawn Abbott Reddawn Jackson 15/01/2020 male
# Dawn Abbott Reddawn Jazzy 06/01/2020 male
# Dawn Abbott Reddawn Jumanji 16/01/2020 male
# Dawn Abbott Reddawn Juke 07/03/2020 male
# Dawn Abbott Reddawn Inferno 04/01/2019 male
# Dawn Abbott Reddawn Ignition 24/12/2018 male
Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex