Entry Info:
  • Sian Gandy
  • 20
  • male
LH19 Shetland Ponies:
  • Light Horse
  • Shetland Ponies
  • Preferred requirements for each entry would be a photo from the front and back, then the left hand and right hand sides and a short video clip. Show attire is preferred. Please use photographs and video that are current, rather than old photographs from previous Showing seasons.

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Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex
Rebekah Seabury Janpau Zeus 7 male
Rebekah Seabury Janpau Josh 18 male
Sian Gandy Southeley Gameboy 20 male
Annie Shankland HSW Cosmo 7 male
Carmen Streams Burnside Lara 18 female
# Chloe Hibbert Kia male
# Rachael Hassall Bayleelane Summer Rose 8 female
# Catherine Beniston Dryfesdale Debit male
Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex