Entry Info:
  • Philippa Wilson
  • male
LH20 Light Horse Young Handlers (11 and under):
  • Light Horse
  • Young Handlers
  • Preferred requirements for each entry would be a photo from the front and back, then the left hand and right hand sides and a short video clip. Show attire is preferred. Please use photographs and video that are current, rather than old photographs from previous Showing seasons.

More from the class

Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex
Philippa Wilson Weston Lionel male
Carla Iddon Gellihaf Romeo male
Lyndsay Russell Isabel Bowman (Lyndsay Russell) Sianwood Goldcrest 18 male
# Samantha Davy Isabelle Ellison 8 female
# Lorraine Roberts Melyniog diversity 11 male
# Rachael Hassall Bayleelane Summer Rose 8 female
Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex