Entry Info:
  • 5
  • female
HH5 Best Heavy Horse in Show:
  • Heavy Horses
  • All
  • Competition class for Best Heavy Horse in Show. Entries will be promoted from their initial classes to this one by our Judge, Mr Jonathan Worthington.

More from the class

Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex
Michael Martin Whitecroft Mayflower Celebration 5 female
JIM YATES Cowerslane Melodie 5 female
# Charlotte Young Doura Master Eddie 4 year old male
# Anson Franklin Bosley Minns Apollo 13 months male
# Christer Paulsson Herkules Border Bells 8 weeks female
# Christer Paulsson Herkules Nannie Dee 6 weeks female
Pos. Exhibitor Name Age Sex